Every great team needs a me.

A doer. A Jack Kate of all trades. A lightning bolt in your cheerios. The person who learns on the fly, fixes what’s broken, and simply gets stuff done.

I’m not a lawyer or doctor or CEO. But I’ve been the right hand person for all three, helping to grow operations, capabilities, and revenue.

I understand business operations and project management. I can button up for a sales meeting, untuck for office maintenance, and everything in between. I am not afraid to grab the reigns and get the job done on time and under budget. 

In my 18 years of professional work experience, my roles and titles have evolved and shifted for the needs of the company. But the theme has been consistent: I help produce results that are both measurable (sales and projects) and immeasurable (happy workplaces, satisfied clients, and customers).

In my spare time, I love to volunteer. Currently, I am an animal transporter with Travel 2 the Rescue and a Registered Therapy Animal Handler with Pet Partners.

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Business Operations Director

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Social Media Manager

  • Content Writer

  • Legal Assistant

  • Researcher

  • Office Manager